Life Update

I hate that I have been so absent from the blog lately!!!! I’m honestly really angry with myself about that because I was getting on such a good schedule and I had content every week and I had everything planned out….I hope you can all forgive me.

In the past month or so it has been a bit stressful and very busy and unfortunately it continues to be that way. Lee and I have decided to buy a house!!! It might not happen as quickly as we would like but we will get there, this is just the beginning and who knows how long it may take to find a home we both love. We knew what we were getting into though. To be honest the easiest part was getting our loan all situated but finding a house we both love it hard. Even though it is our first home and most people don’t stay in there first home we don’t want it to be that way. We want a house that we can make our own and spend a good chunk of our lives in. Who wants to buy a house, make it how you want, and then move!?!? No way are we wasting our time and money like that. We want something we can envision living in and fixing up.

We’ve even made a list of things we want to do to whatever home we buy and whats nice about making the list is that now when we view homes we look at them and envision if we can do what we want to it and make it better or if its a complete disaster. We’ve actually developed quite the list of things we want to do it is just the order that we won’t be sure about until we find a house.

  • Vinyl Hardwood Floors
  • Paint Interior & Eventually Exterior
  • Redo Bedroom Carpet
  • Kitchen Counter (MARBLE!!!!)
  • Paint or Stain Kitchen Cabinets
  • Replace Any Appliances That Are Not Stainless Steel
  • Revamp Bathrooms

Pretty basic remodel list and all the things we want to do are actually affordable and we can do a lot of the work. I have even researched how to replace the flooring and we’ve decided that we can do that on our own. Painting is super easy, it’s just the exterior painting we are a little unsure of, and the bathroom is something we can do ourselves unless it involves breaking down tile or something extreme. Like I said, we want something that has potential and we could make ours without spending an arm and a leg.

So that is what I have been up too… seems like a lot of fun to house shop but when you are spending every day after work looking at houses and waiting to hear back on an offer it becomes quite stressful along with making sure you don’t go over the limit and trying to stay in a nice area.

I promise though that when we do find that perfect house to buy there WILL be a home tour post! I absolutely love those types of blogs and videos since I’m a nosey person. When Zoe Sugg did her office tour video I was so happy!!!! I loved it! Gosh I wish I lived a life like hers and have you seen the new Zalfie house???? So jealous! Have a lovely day fellow blog lovers and I hope you all understand why I haven’t been posting.





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