Viva Las Vegas

SIN CITY!!!! I understand why it’s called that now haha I must admit, after this trip to Las Vegas I can honestly say that everyone should do make this trip at least once in their life. Whether you don’t drink or gamble it’s still a blast.

Let’s start at the beginning……I have never been on at plane before and I was not prepared what so ever but thank you Southwest for getting us there safely. For starters our plane ended up being 2 hours delayed so that just left more time for me to panic and think of all the ways we could crash and burn and to top it off I left my phone in the car that dropped us off. Our flight consisted of only 40 people on a plane that could fit 140 which was nice so no one could smell my fear of flying. We began to take off the strip and the entire time I had a tight grip on Lee’s hand and sweated more than I’d like to admit. I remember at one point I asked if we took off yet and we were still circling the strip……yay for me. Once we took off and got to a high enough altitude to where the plane didn’t feel as though it was going straight up I started to feel okay and then we had a little turbulence, that sucked for me. Then the worst part came….landing. making that wide turn and decending was not the best thing I’ve experienced. I kid you not the second I stepped off the plane I literally touched the ground and had a mini celebration to myself.


DAY ONE/ NIGHT ONE was so much fun!!! The second we got off the plane we went straight to the hotel and dropped off our stuff and started walking down the strip. We started at 10:30 p.m. and walked all the way from the Flamingo hotel to New York, New York and went in all the other hotels along the way. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much in one night haha Every single food place we passed looked delicious and every hotel made me want to travel the world to see the real version. One place they didn’t have that I’m surprised about was London, England. I’m sure that’ll pop up over time. Wouldn’t you want to see that??? Mini Big Ben haha


DAY TWO it started out as just Lee and I and we started by having the breakfast buffet at the Flamingo which was delicious and I had my very first mimosa, I’m not sure how I feel about those…they definitely taste better than most alcoholic beverages. After breakfast we walked around the Linq Pomonade outside of our hotel which was adorable how it was set up with the restaurants where you can sit on the roof and enjoy your meal outside to watch the crowds walking past. Once his mom was all ready to go we started walking the strip again which I think I did about 4 times while we were there. We explored more of Paris that day and even got tickets to go to the top of the Effiel Tower and tickets to go on the High Roller later on. We ended up back at the hotel for a little and then Lee’s mom and I wanted to go see the dueling pianos and one of the hotels so we set out for that which was so cool and fun and finally at about 10:30 p.m. his dad and sister showed up and we all ended up just enjoying the show.


DAY THREE started by going to breakfast at Guy Fier’s restaurant which was delicious! Every single tray that walked past and every dish that was served around us looked absolutely delicious. We then decided to take a look at Fremont Street which is the old strip and I’m not going to lie, there wasn’t too much to see there BUT Casey, Lee’s sister, and I were the only ones brave enough to go on the Slotzilla Zipline! It went about half way down the strip but you actually get pretty good speed and it was a lot of fun. After the Zipline we headed back to the hotel and Casey and I decided to walk the strip and meet everyone else who Ubered to the other end at New York, New York. When we arrived at New York, New York we of course spent a good amount of time wandering around Hershey’s store because why not!? It was incredible! 😍



DAY FOUR was our final day and we basically just did one final walk down the strip and poked around in the Hotels we hadn’t spent a lot of time in. I won’t bore you with any more tedious details haha but we ended our day by heading off the airport and making our way to home sweet home. We did have a tad bit of trouble at the end though because the car that took us home literally broke down the moment we pulled into the parking spot….lucky or unlucky? At least we made it home to adorable sweet kitty Ginger.



I hope you all get to experience Las Vegas one day and if you have already gone I would love to know what your favorite part is and which hotel you got to stay at. Have a lovely weekend everyone!




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