April Favorites

As always my month usually starts off with my Favorites post so here goes! There are a few new things that I fell in love with this past month and I’m sure some of you can guess a certain TV show that made this list. We’ll get to that in a moment though. Lets start off with a cheerful item that I have already talked about at the beginning of this month.

Lee’s birthday was April 5th and of course that was one of my favorite things in April. I love buying him presents when I can and I enjoy seeing the anger in his face when he sees that I bought him something, he isn’t a fan of doing presents for some weird reason but he’ll get over it. As I said in a previous post I bought him the box set of Stephen Kings The Dark Tower series which he wanted. I don’t know why but I love birthdays. I guess its because everyone deserves a special day dedicated to them and on your birthday thats what you get. We didn’t do too much but we did have a great day that involved a lot of sugary treats.


I might be a little too late to the party on this one but I have recently jumped on a gym hype…..I know I know, this is totally unlike me in every way possible. I love it though! It makes me feel good about myself knowing that I am working towards being a healthier person. I try to go at least 3-5 days a week for about a hour and so far I have kept it up. Its only been a few weeks but I have already noticed a difference in my shape and have lost a few pounds and I can tell my legs are getting toned which is the main goal. By the end of May I want to have less tummy pudge and toned thighs that don’t jiggle all over the place haha I would never say I was in bad shape but I could be better. There is always room for improvement! I’ve even begun to love my gym clothes as well. There is this new store by my home called Cotton On and they have the coolest clothes and their workout leggings are so comfortable and they aren’t too expensive.


As you may have noticed the Summer is quickly approaching and this year I have decided to really try and take care of my skin so I thought the best thing to do would be to buy a good old sunscreen spray! I have a sunscreen lotion that works decently well but it’s hard to put the lotion on your face when you have makeup on because you’ll just smear it every where. I was looking in Target the other day and noticed the Bare Republic SPF 50 clear screen spray and I thought I’d give it a try. I LOVE IT! For me I get really picky when it comes to my face because sometimes certain items make my skin feel really oily or dry and I just feel gross. This spray is so light and it just sprays nicely right over whatever makeup I am wearing and it doesn’t make it streak at all. I was afraid my bronzer would start sliding down my face but it didn’t! Highly recommend this one for those hot Summer days.


Speaking of a bronzer, I’ve been hearing a lot about this Strobe highlighter and when I was looking for it in Sephora I found some good ones by Cover FX. I know it technically isn’t a bronzer but I chose the color Moonlight which is this beautiful copper shade and just a tiny dab goes a long way. With my lighter skin tone it could almost be a bronzer but it really is a wonderful highlighter for those high cheek bones!


This next one is definitely the most exciting favorite of this month and that is Las Vegas!!!! Last week I spent Wednesday-Saturday in Sin City and it was amazing! I am not a drinker or gambler and I had so much fun. All the hotels were just as gorgeous as they are in the movies but I don’t want to say too much…..next weeks post will be my tell all of my Vegas experience.

As for that show that I am sure most of you can guess, is 13 Reasons Why. This show was incredible and I can honestly say that this is the first show that I wish I never watched but at the same time is the one of the best shows I have ever seen. The whole show just made me depressed and I felt as though I should have been crying the whole time but it was really a powerful show that will impact a lot of people. If you don’t know what the show is about, it is based off of a novel by Jay Asher and it is about this girl who is bullied in high school and she committed suicide. When she was planning her suicide she made 13 takes explaining why she committed suicide and each tape is about a person and what they did that hurt her. It really is a crazy rollercoaster of emotions but I highly recommend this show. It definitely isn’t the type of show you will want to rewatch.

This was definitely my favorite month by far this year and I hope they just get better and better. I hope you all a lovely April and welcome to Spring!


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