My Blogs 1st Birthday

A YEAR!!!!!! I can’t believe how time has just flown right past me! It has been one year since I started my small blog and even though it is not very popular I am so happy that I can say I have my little group of followers. This post is more about you guys than me. 

To the people who actually read or even just glance over my posts I just want to say thank you for giving me your time. I appreciate every viewer I get and regardless if anyone read my blog or not I would still post on it just because I enjoy it but there are some people out there that do read my blog and I love that. Even though I am surrounded by loving friends and family I am happy to know that I am not alone online.

I hope one day this blog really does go somewhere. I want to work with brands, which by the way if anyone has any advice on how to do that please let me know, and I want to one day collaborate with other bloggers or maybe even Youtubers. There is just so much I want to achieve on this blog and I would love to achieve some of those things in this next year. I hope to have a larger following, work with a company or brand on something. Even a small review on a product would make me happy! I look forward to doing so much in the future.

Looking back at my very first post……..I’m really glad I got better at taking photos haha I certainly still need to improve on my photography skills though, A LOT! That is something I want to work on and also I want to learn how to make better flat lays for my favorites posts and hauls. Now that I am talking about photos I have no idea what kind of photos I should put in this post…uhoh. Lets just do a little throwback to my old posts!

My First Post: A photo that I didn’t even take haha so much skill…


Lipstick Haul:




Project 7:


Vacation To New Places:


I have to admit, looking back at my older posts I didn’t like them very much but I certainly hope that I have improved since then. I love you all for reading my weekly posts and I look forward to the future endeavors on my blog page! Have a lovely week everyone ♥




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