He’s Feelin’ 22

On April 5th, 1995 one of my most favorite people in the whole world was born. The man I love and adore turned 22 this past week and well, I couldn’t let it go unnoticed of course. Decorations, Desserts, and Presents were all apart of our celebration this year and we definitely had too much to eat.

So as of recently Lee has become obsessed with The Dark Tower series by Stephen King and he began listening to the audiobooks while he was working. He has a hard time finding a good time to read since he works night crew so tense why audiobooks work best. He still wanted to eventually get all the physical books though so he can reread them and enjoy the series all over again and also try and convince me to read them. So thats what I got him this year, the complete box set of The Dark Tower series and he loves it! He’s already started reading the books all over again and he just finished them. Since it was his birthday and birthday boy gets what birthday boy wants, he made me promise to at least read the first 2 books….I’ll admit Stephen King is a phenomenal writer but I am not a fan of horror and even though these books aren’t exactly horror it still makes me a little nervous to read his books. We’ll see though, maybe I will love them and end up writing a book review on them haha.


Unfortunately I had to work on his birthday but don’t you worry, I still managed to do something for him! I got up a little earlier and blew up a ton of black, clear, and tie dye balloons and strung a tie dye banner across our dining room that said ‘You Rock!’ and left his present sitting on the table to he had something to look forward to right when he got home from work that morning.


Once I was off work that day I went straight to my local Nugget Market where I had  preordered some beautifully delicious desserts just for him. My favorite one was a Marble Tulip Cup which consisted of a milk and white chocolate marble cup with a layer of chocolate mousse, chocolate cake, and raspberry filling inside and topped with a mountain of whipped cream and two chocolate straws and a fresh raspberry. The next dessert was a Chocolate Covered Cream Puff, just another dessert with a mountain of whipped cream and chocolate. I also got a slice of a marble cheesecake that was so delicious and it was even covered in a chocolate ganache. The last two items were macaroons which I wasn’t sure if he would like but they were chocolate so he had to have it. One was just a basic chocolate macaroon and the other one was like a cookies ‘n’ cream macaroon that was super delicious! Can you tell the theme of the desserts was chocolate? That boy certainly loves his chocolate, no doubt about that! I can’t blame his though, chocolate is yummy. I even got a little Happy Birthday banner to stick in the desserts which was so cute!


At the end of the afternoon we went to dinner with his parents and sister at a restaurant called BJ’s where we shared this amazing deep dish pizza with garlic sauce, bacon, onions, and chicken. I never knew deep dish meant thick crust….I thought it meant more like a pie and had a lot of sauce as a filling. After spending a few hours there the night came to an end. It was certainly a fun birthday celebration with just a few close people.

Birthday celebrations are the best, I am one of those people where I love buying things for others especially people I am close to because I can get them something I know they’ll love. I would love to hear about some of the ways you’ve celebrated someones birthday so please let me know if you’ve done a similar post 🙂 Love you all!


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