March Favorites

I seriously can’t believe that it is already April! It just popped up out of no where. Soon it will be December and we won’t even know how haha This favorites post is pretty much just a beauty haul because I found a few really nice makeup products that will be perfect for the quickly approaching summer.


One of the first things that I fell in love with this month was Sephora Nail Polish. Now I have used Sephora Nail Polish for years but I only wore a few colors because they were $10 a bottle but unfortunately they have been discontinued which meant they had a huge clearance sale. All of the nail polishes were $5 and they have endless amounts of colors. I ended up buying about 10 new colors and 2 backups of my favorite, oceanic. I still could have bought more but I think I already went slightly overboard. I am so sad that they discontinued these nail polishes though, I was always able to find the perfect shade because of how many colors they had available.


Another thing that I have been loving from Sephora are their makeup brushes. I have never had to really buy my own brushes because my mom has a ton that she let me have but some of them were from Sephora and I honestly think they have some of the softest brushes ever. I am actually on the lookout for a good set but they haven’t come out with a pretty design that I like yet. I’m hoping for a copper collection or maybe even rose gold. I also love these brushes because they have white bristles and I don’t know why but seeing the color of whatever I am about to put on my face on the brush is a big deal to me haha I do my makeup early in the morning so I guess the reassurance that I am about to apply a brown eyeshadow rather than a blue eyeshadow makes my morning easier.


*From Left to Right, Top to Bottom:Malt, Blanc Type, Quarry, Gleam, Tempting, Cork*

These next two items excited me the most! I have been wearing M.A.C eyeshadow for years and I have gotten one of their eyeshadow pallets in the past but I never liked the others enough to spend the money. You know how it is, you like a few colors but half of them you would never touch. Well when I was looking in my local M.A.C store I noticed a section of eyeshadows that were just the pallet replacements and come to find out, you can build your own pallet!!! I had no idea this was a thing. It so nice that they do this and on top of that you can get a few eyeshadows at a time so you don’t have to spend a lot of money at once and you can build on it over time. Plus you can also add blushes and bronzers to your pallet as well. My pallet is mainly browns and light colors with a few shimmer shadows but its every color that I want and I know that I will use them. As you can tell I haven’t even filled mine all the way yet. Gotta love M.A.C!


This item is absolutely going to be used all throughout spring and summer and beyond probably. I have been starring at this pallet for months and so many people rave about it but its the Too Faced Sweet Peach pallet. Oh………my…….goodness, it smells amazing and every time I go to use it I have to take a whiff because it smells so delicious. I hope my eyelids smell like peaches too. The colors are absolutely gorgeous and I will actually wear every color in this pallet besides Delectable and possibly Bless Her Heart. As I’m writing this post I’m wearing Nectar and Summer Yum and I just love the colors. So far my favorite is Nectar and Puree but I also am loving Bellini a lot. I can’t wait to try Luscious and Georgia now that I’m looking at it. I am however in debate about the Chocolate Bar pallet by Too Faced. I love some of the colors but not quite all of them. That’ll take some debate on whether or not I want it.

This month was another short one I’m afraid but I am extremely happy with the few new items I have begun using! I would love to hear what you guys think of these products and if you are just as sad about the Sephora nail polish as I am. Love you all ♥




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