Vacation to New Places

This past week I took a vacation from work and it was just what I needed. Sometimes you just need some relaxation time to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday work and I was certainly due. I didn’t do very much but I did take a few days to explore two new towns that I had never had the pleasure to adventure too.

Most of my week was just spent relaxing at home and catching up on my favorite TV show, New Girl, and spending time with Lee and my mom. It was nice not waking up to the sounds of a beeping alarm and being able to wake up when I wanted to wake up. I probably should have spent some more time on catching up on my blog posts but I really just wanted some me time so I apologize for my absence.

This week was the week I took my first girls trip with my best friend Esther and even though it may not have been as great as we had hoped we still had fun. The best part about road trips for us are the drive there because we were just so excited and we played all the fun songs that we both know all the words too and talked about all the things we needed to catch up on. We set out for a road trip on Tuesday and even though it was a rocky start by waking up to pouring down rain and heavy winds we were lucky to have be driving away from the rainy mess. Our first day we spent in Monterey, California. To be completely honest it did not have as much things to do as we thought it would but the Fishermans Wharf was still a very cool place to take a walk and get a bite to eat. We arrived around 4ish so we were getting pretty hungry and our first stop was of course the place with the best view on the end of the Wharf. I, being a huge creamy soup fan, went straight for a classic bowl of fresh clam chowder. It was absolutely delicious and it was unbelievable fresh tasting.


After we had our early dinner we set out for the other shops and took a walk along one of the trails that went around the coast. We even found a small sand patch where you could actually see a few otters floating in the water nearby. Otters are so cute! After walking for a while we decided it was time to find some of the local hotspots and we ended up going to this bar that was on a rooftop. The atmosphere was so cool and you could see straight out to the ocean from where it was located. To get the the rooftop was even cool because you had to walk up this very antique and old fashioned staircase that was inside of a very narrow building. I almost felt like I was somewhere in England by the looks of the carpet and how the inside was designed. Like I said the atmosphere was very intriguing but in all honesty the service was not the best.


On the second day, Wednesday, we had breakfast at a charming little Hawaiian inspired cafe in Monterey that had the most delicious breakfast toast smothered with Nutella, sliced strawberries, bananas, and coconut shreds. Once we finished breakfast we headed out for Carmel-By-The-Sea. It was a quick drive and the trees surrounding the highway were absolutely gorgeous. Carmel was an adorable little town filled with cut little local shops and I may have gotten a little too excited by all the dogs that were walking around. I have never seen such a pet friendly environment and I loved how most of the shops had water bowls sitting out for the dogs. There wasn’t much that I would buy from the shops but they were beautiful to walk through. After walking up and down the main street we headed to the beach. It was a windy day but it was still amazing. I have never been to a beach that had somewhat of waves and there were actually a few people surfing and wake boarding. The sky was blue and once again I was surrounded by dog heaven. Beach to beach puppies!


When we got back to Monterey we had dinner on the Wharf and hung out until later on in the evening and we ended up at one of the local coffee shops and got some boba smoothies and cake. A great way to end a trip!


Here I am swiping a statues purse haha silly me!


I know this may be a bit of a boring travel blog but to be honest we were pretty bored as well haha It definitely wasn’t as fun as people made it seem and the fact that it was cold so we couldn’t go swimming was a little lame but oh well. I’m just glad I got to go somewhere on my vacation week. I hope you enjoyed this post and I promise there will be better ones to come in the near future! Love you all♥




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