Tea Time

Over the past year I would say I have become quite the fan of everyones favorite beverage Tea. I used to think it was nasty but then I decided to branch out and try different ones starting with one that will be helpful me physically. My first tea love was Celestials Sleepy Time Tea. Gotta love that teddy bear 🙂

In this weeks post I am going to touch down on my personal favorites for tea but I am also going to go over why each tea is good for you and what it is good for. Lets just say that I used to get headaches all the time and now not so much.


Most teas are still not a friend of my taste buds but I have definitely taken a liking to any peppermint tea that I can get my hands on. Nobody can mess up a good old peppermint tea! I first started liking it when I used to have a really hard time getting to sleep because I would bake and that means I would be getting up at 2 in the morning which is a little difficult at times. Anyways my mom went out on a mission to find a way to help me sleep without taking a sleeping pill or nyquil which is not good for you. She ended up finding Celestials Extra Sleepy Time Tea and till this day I drink it almost every night. It isn’t a strong peppermint flavored tea but it falls under the peppermint category to me. It has a mixture of different herbs that will help you sleep such as chamomile and it just helps me relax after a long day. I also think the warmth of a nice tea in the evening is almost comforting in a way that just makes one feel cozy and relaxed no matter what kind of day you’ve had.


Straight up peppermint tea is a good one for any time of the day I believe and especially when you feel sick or if you have a headache. I used to be prone to waking up with horrible headaches and ever since I started drinking peppermint tea they have stopped. Attention ladies out there: when it is that time of the month, peppermint tea also helps with the constant bloating feeling and stomach pains. Peppermint tea helps with bloating regardless because it calms your stomach but when I’m on my week of hell it really helps a lot.


This next tea I am not going to lie is one of my least favorites but green tea is really good for your body overall. It helps with weight loss, filled with antioxidants, wakes you up, and has shown improvement in dental health by inhibiting the growth of bacteria. I have always known that green tea is really good for you but it just does not taste good to me. I’ve tried it with peach flavoring and lemonade but nothing makes it very good to me. I still always have some in my cabinets though and I try to drink at least a few cups a week.


Ginger tea is another good tea for people to drink to help their immune system because it is an anti-inflammatory tea and it helps with motion sickness. This is a good tea to carry when you are about to take a plane flight or if you are going on a long road trip and you don’t do too well in the car for long periods of time which is an issue of mine. I’m okay if I’m the driver or if I’m in the front seat but anywhere else in the car is a no go for me.


Black tea has some very interesting benefits that are very helpful to everyone. Black tea has the ability to reduce the risk of strokes and can also help increase blood flow in the capillaries and helps the body maintain a normal blood pressure. I’m not going to lie, I am learning a lot just from writing this post haha I did not know these benefits of black tea! I might just go buy some now, I feel like I have to.



I feel like I have so much knowledge after writing this post haha Makes me want to not only eat healthier but drink healthier. I hope this benefits you in someway and that you enjoyed this post. Have a great week everyone ♥


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