February Favorites

This is the hardest favorites posts I have ever done! Usually they are a breeze and I can easily find several new items that I wants to share with you guys but this month……..this was a tough one. Not many new things cam into my life I guess you could say but i still managed to scrounge up a few items that i would love to share. P.S. sorry if this is a short post 😦

Lets start out with the best item of this month and I’m sure you know exactly which item the is by looking at the headline photo haha I lost my Apple virginity and got my very first MacBook! I never thought I would get an apple computer but they are so lightweight and down right beautiful that I couldn’t resist. It seems like the perfect blogging computer! I have always been cheap on laptops and got the last year models or discounted ones because all I would use it for is school work and I never needed a high tech computer to write my essays, but since I started blogging and I plan to keep blogging it seemed like a good idea to splurge on a nice laptop that I could use for photo editing and possibly video editing if I ever get the courage to make YouTube videos. Considering I got this computer on a good sale at best buy I figured why not splurge a little? I went for the gorgeous gold MacBook and i just love it! It runs so smoothly and quickly that I regret never owning one in the past. I highly recommend this laptop to anyone, especially fellow bloggers.


I know I have mentioned a similar product in a past favorites post but I am really liking this new type of water that came out just because of how cool the packaging is. I told you guys, I’m really big on packaging. It’s called Life Water and on the bottles they have really cool abstract looking artwork. Water is just water but the beautiful bottle makes me want to have water so much more. I feel strange just talking about water haha does anybody else obsess over pretty water bottles?


Moving on from water to food I have really been loving is stir fry! Don’t ask me why but I just really like this certain stir fry bag that I found in my local Bel-Air and it comes with a variety of already chopped vegetables and a sauce packet, all you need to buy is a meat if desired which I usually get beef. So far my favorite sauce packet is the Ginger Garlic but they also have Mandarine Teriyaki and Sesame Chili which I am sure are just as tasty.

Back to drinks for a quick second, you all may have noticed that I am somewhat of a coffee addict….no shame in that. Well one day while waiting in line at my favorite Starbucks I saw a sign for the Cascara Latte. Let me tell you, it is absolutely delicious! I am one of those people that actually enjoy drinking straight black coffee and i also enjoy the sweet drinks but this one is right in the middle and it is perfect. I am not an expert so I don’t know how to exactly make it but it has brown sugar in it and a little sprinkled on top. It’s amazing!!!!


Moving on from the stranger favorite items to MAKEUP!! Everyones favorite part of monthly favorites. If you shop at Sephora you’ll probably know how they usually have a display right when you walk in of a bunch of different brands with similar items. Well this past week they had a display of liquid matte lipsticks and to be honest i have not been much of a fan of the matte liquid lipsticks but its mainly because I can never find one that dries fast enough or doesn’t dry my lips out instantly. Makeup Forever has done it again! They are called Artist Liquid Matte and I went for lipstick 105 which is a dusty rose color and it is beautiful. I don’t know if its just me but I feel like it also makes my lips look bigger when I wear it somehow because its like instant Kylie Jenner lips without getting the injections haha My mom actually got hers before me and she went for color 107 which is a brown shade that is equally as beautiful.


I know this was a short one but those are the items that i started using this month that I absolutely love. I hope you enjoyed this weeks post and I hope to see you next week!


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