Night & Morning Routine

Everyone has their own routine in some way or another. This weeks post I will be sharing with all of you my everyday morning and night routine.


This is pretty much what I do every morning including the mornings I have to get up for work except on my days off I will take time to eat breakfast first thing instead of on the go.

The first thing I do is crawl out of bed, which is very difficult when I’m all snuggled in my flannel sheets, and I put my cozy socks or slippers on. I then walk to the bathroom and try to avoid the hot mess starring back at me in the mirror and I go straight to brushing my teeth and then scrubbing my face with my Clean & Clear Exfoliating face wash. Once I have dried my face completely I put some of my Sunday Riley Martian toner on a cotton pad and I rub it all over my face till it is completely absorbed into my skin. Unfortunately I forget to moisturize for the most part but the Martian Toner seems to keep my face hydrated throughout the day so I don’t feel bad about forgetting this step.


I then do what every girl does and I drag out my makeup tray and my bag of brushes. I’m extremely lazy so I sit on my counter and get really close to the mirror so I can see every single spot and imperfection and I spend too much of my time starring at each spot and stray eyebrow hair until I realize I need to get a move on it and get ready.


Applying my makeup has always gone in a certain order and I don’t know why but I feel like it works for me. First I put my trusty Nars concelor on and blend it with my blending sponge. Next I put my M.A.C paint pot eyeshadow primer on my eyelids and I honestly just use my finger. I then fill my eyebrows in with M.A.C eyebrow gel and attempt to make them look as real as possible which can be difficult when you don’t have the best eyebrows, its a struggle. Now that my primer has set I put my eyeshadow on and typically I just use a shimmery gold eyeshadow I got from Makeup Forever that isn’t Vegas shimmery but adds a little glow. Sometimes I use a matte eyeshadow and blend it out but that’s if I didn’t spend 5 minutes starring at my imperfections. After eyeshadow I put my Clinique bottom lash mascara on and then a Smashbox mascara for my top eyelashes. For the finishing touch I brush on a little Laura Mercier bronzer and then I am on my way.

After makeup is when I will go out to the kitchen and start my coffee or begin boiling some water for tea. Lately I have been going for my Aveda Tea and it is so good! It is definitely more of a mint tea but it has a slight hint of sweetness that makes me perk up more in the mornings.

While I am waiting for my morning beverage I then change into my work clothes or outfit of the day if I am off.


When night falls it is time to get comfy. Generally when I get home from work I take a quick shower to rinse off so that I don’t need to do it later when I am getting tired and ready for bed. My night starts at about 6 I would say because I usually need to be in bed by 9 so I can get up early for work in the morning, and I start by changing into my comfy clothes. Sweatpants from B.P. at Nordstroms and a T-shirt will do and if I am extra cold I will wear my cozy slippers and my robe that I got for Christmas from Pottery Barn. Lately I have been trying to eat better so my dinner is usually rice and stir fry or a salad or just some snack items like beets and cottage cheese with lemon pepper or some chips and salsa. I typically have a bigger lunch or I snack more during the day so by the time dinner comes around I’m not as hungry.


After I get some grub in me I open up a good book, right now I am rereading A Series of Unfortunate Events, or I turn on a TV show that I am watching currently, 2 Broke Girls or Big Bang Theory. Around 7 I start to warm up some water and I drink my Sleepy Time Tea which I am absolutely in love with! It really does help me have a more solid nights sleep and it relaxes me before bed so I can fall asleep quicker.


I kind of like to go to bed about an hour earlier than I need to so I can give myself time to fall asleep or get in some extra ZZZ’s which is always necessary if you ask me. Right before I crawl in bed I will brush my teeth and wash my face with my Clean & Clear exfoliating face wash and wipe my face down with a cotton pad and some Witch Hazel. I don’t like to use my Sunday Riley Toner at night because I kind of feel like it would dry my face out a little too much and plus it helps me wake up in the morning so that wouldn’t be good right before bed. Again, I sometimes take a minute to stare at everything I dislike about my face whether its a stray hair on my eyebrow or an incoming pimple.

Once I am done starring in the mirror I tuck myself in bed and usually turn on M*A*S*H and fall asleep to an episode. For some reason I always need a background noise when I fall asleep because if it is completely silent I feel like I focus on all the surrounding noises that could sound like a potential prowler which never happens but my brain thinks it does and it wakes me up more and more thinking about what if someone was there. Recently we got a cat so that took some getting used to because I will hear her running around at night and it sometimes startles me.

Well there you have it! My Morning and Night Routine and I kid you not this is exactly what I do every single day and to be honest it works for me. I always find it strange how people can grow to accustomed to routines such as mine and how we do things in a certain order. If I go out of order on how I do my makeup I usually have to spend a moment checking over my whole face to make sure I didn’t miss anything. One time I actually forgot to put mascara on one of my top eyelashes and luckily no one noticed but when I finally did it bugged me so much so now I have my makeup routine every morning so I don’t forget anything.

If you know anyone else that has done a post similar to this please let me know because I am really curious as to what other people do and what order they go in. Thank you for reading my little blog lovers and have a lovely day! Happy Monday ♥





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