January Favorites

I promise I will get better at doing a favorites post at the end of every month! I even wrote it in my day planner for every month to do a favorites post. January wasn’t a huge month for favorites but I did find a few things here and there that I would love to share with all of you. If you go back to my Christmas Haul everything has kind of been the same because who doesn’t enjoy there Christmas presents as much as possible and quick as possible haha January is all about enjoying those Christmas presents.

This month I actually found quite a bit of new items that I absolutely love! Starting with something from my Christmas Haul, I am still loving my HP Sprocket Printer. It is just so cool and since I have such an adorable puppy I can’t stop printing photos of her to hang up. Since I already wrote about this item in an earlier post I’ll just move on to the next item. If you wanted to read more I put it on my Christmas Haul post.


Moving on to some beauty items, I recently decided to try going back to my high school years face wash, good ol’ Clean & Clear! They came out with this creamy exfoliating one that doesn’t feel too rough on my face but gives that refreshing feel of clean pores. Even though it is pretty much a drugstore face wash it actually works best on my skin. My skin has never felt so clean and especially when I am feeling particularly oily.

Now for my favorite face item that I am absolutely in love with is my precious Sunday Riley Martian Toner! I was so happy when I finally was able to get it. It is definitely a little pricey but it is so worth it. My face has not looked better than it does now because of this toner. From day one I could tell it was making a difference in my skin. My T-zone always gathers a lot of oil and my nose is prone to breakouts but not anymore. Even marks from previous spots are disappearing. I love the mixture in the toner because it has marshmallow extract which gives it a really nice scent and cucumber too give a cooling sensation. I highly recommend this toner for anyone with problem skin and if you don’t want to spend the money on something you aren’t sure about, Sephora will give a free sample so you can test it out for a few days. This has definitely made me want to look further into Sunday Riley products.


I have always wanted a bar cart to make a beautiful decorative display on and I finally found one I like. I am not a drinker at all, I have tried several sips of different alcoholic beverages but I am just not a fan at all. Anyways I was walking around Z Gallerie in the Fountains shopping center just looking at all the pretty stuff they have and I spotted this amazing find! It has black leather with copper embroidery of a vineyard and an iron stand. The trays are even removable if I just want to use the trays and the stand folds up easily. The lovely worker at the store whose name I believe was Colin was so sweet and helpful and on top of the bar cart being on sale he also gave me an extra 10% since they were having a furniture sale. I highly recommend this store and they always have excellent service and the quality of the products is top notch. Expect a later post about this item!

Without this next item I would be a mess right now I feel like. I know every year people get a planner in January and try to become more organized and I am guilty of the same thing BUT this year has been different! I have actually been filling it out and writing down appointments and my work schedule. I have even planned out my blog posts for the next month and a half and that feels great because now I’m not spending time thinking of what to write about and waiting till the last minute because I have already figured out what I am doing. I must be turning into an adult now haha


When I was growing up I fell in love with the Series of Unfortunate Events and let me tell you, this has been a very exciting January for me. I absolutely love the new series they created for the books and Neil Patrick Harris does a eerily fantastic Count Olaf! After watching the first season on Netflix I realized that I did not remember any details of each book besides the first three so I am now rereading the books and I don’t even care that they are meant for younger people I still think they are great books. If you haven’t seen the new series though I highly recommend you watching it!


Alright this is my last but by no means least January Favorites item, Ginger. My boyfriend brought home this beautiful orange kitty that I am falling in love with. I am not going to lie, I am not the biggest fan of cats and I never thought I would own one but he wanted one. This precious girl is only a year old and he adopted her from the SPCA and I can’t wait for her to realize that she is now in a loving environment.


I hope you all enjoyed my January Favorites and I will see you all next week for another post! Have a great day and happy reading ♥


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