For the Love of TV

In the past I have done a few book reviews here and there but today I would like to do something a little different. I want to tell you guys about all my favorite TV shows and why I enjoy them so much. I’ll be honest, I watch way too much TV and I need to work on reading more and doing more than just sitting at home.

I have a quite a strange variety of TV shows that I love and majority are older. I was brought up on older shows because my mom always watched them and so did my grandma. My all time favorite TV show that I will always love is ‘I Love Lucy’. Lucille Ball is just adorable and how could you not lover her quick wit and hilarious sense of humor. Back in the 50’s and 60’s when Lucille Ball was a big deal on American Television she was seen as very unique because back then a lot of women did not own a Production Company (Desilu) or would get on television and do the crazy things that she did. I can honestly say that I idolize her in ways because of how courageous she was and how unafraid she was to be different.


Scooby-Doo, now that is a name that will forever be a household favorite. If I ever have children I sure hope they love Scooby-Doo because as a child and even now I love me some Scooby-Doo cartoons. I even have  Scooby-Doo water bottle and on occasion when I want graham crackers I’ll even buy the Scooby snacks graham crackers. Who doesn’t want Scooby Snacks? When I was really little my mom and I had matching denim button ups that had Scooby-Doo’s face on the pocket. If anyone knows where I can find that shirt please let me know by the way!

This on is an oldy but a goody, Gilligan’s Island. It makes me so sad that they only made three seasons of this show but I guess it would be hard to make more episodes about being stranded on an island for years but I love all the episodes that did air. It’s crazy to think that only Marie-Ann and Ginger are the only ones still alive. It was definitely one of those shows that you could just sit right back and hear a tale.


Moving up a decade, I am also a huge lover of the M*A*S*H series. Alan Alda is absolutely one of the funniest people on television. He is an actor, director, and writer all in one and his books are just as comical as his scripts. I have read only one of his books but it was great! One of the most entertaining biographies that I have read. M*A*S*H is a TV show that not only brought humor to a dark time period of war but also showed the truths and sadness that came with being in a war zone. It makes you realize that not every bad situation has to be spent in sorrow and that even at the worst of times you can still find ways of making the best out of a bad situation.


Now for a TV show that is from this decade, Sherlock has become one of my favorite TV shows of all time and made me fall in love with Benedict Cumberbatch. I guess you can say I have become a Cumberbitch after all haha. I’m not going to lie, when they came out with the Sherlock Holmes movies with Robert Downey Jr. I thought he made a great portrayal of Sherlock Holmes but Benedict Cumberbatch topped that. When I watch Sherlock I actually forget that it is just a show and that I am watching Cumberbatch play Sherlock Holmes but I start to believe that he really is Sherlock himself. If Arthur Conan Doyle was alive today I want to believe he would be proud as to how Cumberbatch has portrayed Doyle’s forever famous detective.

Last but by no means least! Modern Family is one of my all time feel good TV shows. I love the mockumentary of the Prichette, Tucker, and Dunphy family and their craziness in life. It almost makes you feel as if this is a real family. I think that it is great that they show all types of family life and are very diverse in the characters. Whenever I watch this show I always get a good laugh out of it and to be honest it is hard to find a TV show or movie that makes me actually laugh and not just a chuckle.

I’ll admit it, I definitely watch too much TV but I do enjoy all of these shows very much and sometimes all I need is a good laugh to make my day better and these shows do that for me. I also have a hard time finding shows that I want to watch because so many TV shows these days don’t have the same humor that I enjoy or they are more on the scary side. Anyways I hope you enjoyed reading my TV Show favorites and let me know some of your favorites! I’m always up to try new things, love you guys! ♥






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