Hello 2017

I know everyone says that “this will be my year” and that “this year will be better than the last,” but you never know what will happen. 2016 was definitely a rough year for a lot of people, more that a handful of Hollywood stars have died, a lot of popular couples have split, and personally for me it was rather stressful. I can’t predict what will happen but I do have some goals for myself that I hope to achieve.

For my blog, I hope to create better content and have a better organization of how far in advanced I get content done and have ready to go for every week. I would also like to look further into getting my own domain name and make my site more professional and try harder to get my blog out there to see if people are actually interested in what I write.


At home, I want to get into a more regular cleaning habit and have a set day where I get everything done instead of just doing it at random and not remembering the last time i cleaned the toilet….I really need to be more consistent. I also want to start collecting better decorations for the apartment and get a better control on how I want our home to look instead of mix matched items. I plan on spending a lot of time on Pinterest for this goal.



I also want to try and do more exciting things such as taking a short vacation with Lee and taking a road trip. Even taking day trips counts as long as it is something other than sitting at home all the time and us being bored and wishing we knew what to do with our days together. So pretty much get better at planning instead of spending the day thinking of what to do. We’ve actually already decided that if we can afford it, we want to go to Kansas City so Lee can see his favorite football team play in their home town. We are also planning to take a road trip for our 5 year anniversary in June just to try something new and drive to who knows where (this will take some advanced planning instead of waiting till the morning of our vacation to find stuff to do).

In my work life I hope to start on my butcher training so I can move forward in my career and work my way up to being a meat manager someday. In the company that I work for there are only 3 meat department managers that are females and I would like to become one of them. There only about 5 female meat cutters to start with so just by becoming a meat cutter is a huge jump for me since I will be one of very few females that have gone through the meat cutter training.

My final goal for now is to cook more. I have all these cookbooks that I got when I moved out but I have rarely used them. I even have a cookbook on how to make marshmallows and how have I not used it!?!? I just need to start cooking at home more and planning meals instead of just winging it every day and not getting enough groceries that are useful to full on meals. I’ll admit it, I am quite the snacker. I snack too much instead of having a proper breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


So far this is all that I feel I want to change in 2017 because honestly there isn’t anything wrong with how my life is at the moment and I am entirely happy with how things are going. I love the people I have surrounded myself with and what I do for a living and I love the person I have become over my 21 years. Cheers! To all the people who have goals for 2017 and plan on making it the best year yet! Love you all and thank you for reading.


Contact: Simplyashleys.blog@gmail.com



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