Christmas Haul

Every year Christmas just gets better and better! I’m not just talking about the gifts I received but also the gifts that were given. I can honestly say that I much more enjoy giving presents than receiving presents because I love to see the reactions that people make when they open their gifts. For my boyfriend Christmas is a breeze. He loves to play video games on his Xbox One so their is always a new game that he wants so I bought him Mafia 3 and Skyrim Special Edition which he loved and instantly started to download it. My mom is the most difficult to shop for because she has a very specific taste which I know very well but I always try to get her the most perfect gift so I bought her this vintage print of old fashioned books that look as though they are sitting on a shelf that she had been wanting. Nikki, my little puppy, is hard to shop for because their is so much that I want to buy her but I need to know when to stop. I got her the most adorable jacket that looks like fake leather with a fur collar and a gold zipper down the back. Along with a few other toys that she most certainly does not need but I always enjoy buying her things because my mom and I always wrap her presents and let her unwrap them because it is one of the funniest things ever. For my best friend I gave her the gift of stress relief. She has had quite a stressful year so I filled a bag full of stress relief soap, pillow spray, and lotion from Bath & Body Works along with 3 small bottles of her favorite wines, a twenty-seventeen planner, and some metallic pens to match.

I had actually had a pretty easy shopping list this year which made the month of December much more enjoyable instead of stressful about the upcoming festivities.

I have definitely gotten to that age though where getting underwear and bras for Christmas is amazing because I don’t want to spend my own money on stuff like that haha So when it gets to that time when my mom and boyfriend ask me what I want I never know what to say because I never feel like I need anything, but those two really know me well because they both got me such wonderful presents that I love so much.

A few months back I was looking at a new camera lens that I wanted that would be great for taken up close photos but I never wanted to spend the money. Lee surprised me with it on Christmas morning and I was so excited! On top of that he also bought us a brand new television for our living room that is huge!


My mom of course knows me the best out of anyone and she topped off my Christmas with surprising me with one of the best coffee makers you can buy and let me tell you, it is amazing! It can make up to twelve cups of coffee and if you just want one cup then you can even stick your cup under the drip so it brews directly into your mug and you can pick how strong you want the coffee to be and how fine the grounds should be grinded. On top of the coffee maker she knows how much I love copper so bought me the special edition Starbucks French Press and if you have never tried using a French Press I highly recommend it because they do make a great cup of coffee. Can you tell I’m a coffee junkie? haha


I also received a few new additions to my closet that I am absolutely in love with. My most favorite item is this beautiful black jacket from Zara with a fox red fur hood that is removable in case I don’t feel like having the fur. Along with the coat I got some new jumpers that are super cozy and some new ankle boots to match. The ultimate cozy item that I unwrapped was a faux fur, super soft, robe with a hood which I have already fallen asleep on the couch in several times.

Ever since I was a little girl there has always been this tradition that my mom gets me a new wallet every Christmas and this year is definitely a favorite. I have never had one of those wallets with a little wristlet so you can just carry your wallet and that is exactly what she got me. It is this beautiful leather wallet that is just the perfect size to stick some cards and cash in and my phone.


Now for the final item that I am going to talk about is something that I bought myself. I rarely buy myself things outside of the ordinary and this year I just really wanted to treat myself to a new gadget. Over the course of Zoella’s Vlogmas she talked about some of her favorite items and one of them was an HP Sprocket Printer and it is awesome! It is literally the size of my phone and it is a wireless Bluetooth printer so I can print images anywhere at any time. The images are only wallet size but it’s perfect for hanging on a bulletin board or using clothes pins to hang them from a string for decoration.

I absolutely love Christmas and I am sad that it is already over but this has been such a great December! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and I would love to know what all of you received for Christmas and what your favorite present was. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ♥







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