Project 7

A vast amount of people in the world chew gum on a regular basis. Why not chew for the greater good? I was recently in line at one of my local shops and you know how it goes, they put those little bits right next to the checkout line to make you buy more than just what you’re carrying, well I have to admit this trick worked on me. I saw this adorable pack of gum with perfect packaging. You guys know how much I love my packaging!

Anyways I purchased my first Project 7 gum that day and I loved it, I got the Rainbow Ice gum. Then one time when I was pulling out a piece of gum I decided to read the back of the packaging and was amazed at what this tiny pack of gum does for the world. The proceeds from each purchase go towards 7 different causes:

  • Save the Earth
  • House the Homeless
  • Feed the Hungry
  • Quench the Thirsty
  • Heal the Sick
  • Teach them Well
  • Hope for Peace



On the website they even have a spot under Missions that tell you the updated amount of time and proceeds that have gone into each category. I don’t know why I find this so fascinating but I think it is because I thought I was buying just a day to day item and then come to find out that I actually helped someone and gave back to the earth and ever since I have been purchasing this gum. I do however have yet to try all the flavors haha so for my favorite is Rainbow Ice but I also love Grapefruit Melon and my boyfriend has become a lover of Birthday Cake. I cant wait to find more of their products in stores such as the Gummies, those I have yet to see any where. I’ll have to do some searching for the other flavors though to be able to take that perfect cover photo haha

The man who created this company is named Tyler Merrick, a young entrepreneur and a man hoping to spread more good in the world. His business has now helped millions of people across the globe in several different ways. You could say he is literally saving the world one pack of gum at a time. It doesn’t stop there though, Tyler and his team have also created flavored gummy snacks as well which are a little harder to find than the gum but are just as delicious. I hope to be seeing more of this product in stores and more people purchasing these products to help the world become better place. I will leave a link to the Project 7 website down below so you can check out more Project 7 products. This would also make a great stocking stuffer for the wonderful upcoming holiday! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post ♥


Project 7 :



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