Winter Wonderland

Sometimes people just need a little vacation just to get their minds off day to day tasks. I was in definite need of a quick trip to relaxation so lee and I packed our things and took off for two days to the beautiful town of South Lake Tahoe where the snow was fresh and still fluffy. Throwing a snowball is definitely harder than it looks too…

Knowing that there is a relaxing vacation spot only a few hours away is so nice especially when things get crazy busy and you need time to yourself. Not only was our stay nice but so was the drive. The mountains are absolutely beautiful this time of the year when they are covered by a blanket of freshly fallen snow and all the trees are green. I felt like I was surrounded by perfect Christmas trees the whole way and if I had an ax available, I probably would have cut down my own tree and hauled it home.


When you aren’t big ski or snowboarding people there isn’t too much to do in South Lake Tahoe but just walking along the beach and taking lovely scenic photos which is just as fun. I am also a big eater so trying local restaurants and trying new things is a top priority and one of the main events for my vacations haha.


Each place we went to was delicious which included a Pizza joint called Blue Dog Pizza, where we both got sandwiches instead of pizza……but trust me, they were delicious sandwiches! I chose a Pesto Meatball Ciabatta and I plan on trying to recreate that asap. We also went to dinner at California Burger which we have been too a few times now but it is really worth it. If you ever go to South Lake I recommend this place and you have to try their Beer Battered Curly Fries and The Blue Burger. Our last food stop was in the morning before we left we stopped at this charming café across from the lake called Bear Beach Café. The adorable waitress sat us at a booth in the corner so we would have a perfect view of the calm blue lake. Lee isn’t a breakfast person and they were nice enough to allow him to even order off of the lunch menu even though it didn’t start till 11 and it was only 9. I ordered one of my favorite breakfast dishes, Eggs Benedict with country style potatoes, and this place did not disappoint what so ever. The Hollandaise sauce was perfect and the poached eggs had just the right amount of gooeyness too them to where it didn’t spill all over the plate and the potatoes were perfectly seasoned.

There is something exciting about seeing snow and it just makes you feel like a kid again! I hope everyone feels that way about something.


Even the hotel we stayed at was wonderful! We stayed at the Postmarc Hotel & Spa and it was amazing, the picture above is the little rec room that is available for guest to sit in and they have a hot cocoa, tea, and coffee station and a shelf full of books. Although Lee and I didn’t spend anytime in this room I couldn’t let it go unnoticed because of how gorgeous it was. The people were also so wonderful here, we showed up a few minutes early for check in and our room was still being cleaned but the guy just upgraded us to a bigger room for free and it also had a larger spa in the room which was literally the size of an actual hot tub and it even had the jets in the tub as well. I wish I had some pictures of the room we stayed in but we literally walked in and we turned into our 8 year old selves and jumped straight onto the bed to see how fluffy it was haha it was so cozy!



It really is just a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the day at and if you ever are in the area of Tahoe and its the winter months then I highly recommend checking it out and if you spend the night go straight to Postmarc Hotel & Spa! I will even leave a link down below that leads you to which is where I booked our stay and I got a great deal just by using

Make sure you always allow yourself to take time to slow down and give yourself a breather and relax whether it is taking a vacation or just sitting down watching TV or reading for just an hour. Have a lovely day and leave a comment down below on your favorite place to vacation at!



Postmarc Hotel & Spa Suites




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