The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

So I’ve told you guys how much I love Autumn & Winter in general but Christmas is my favorite time of the year out of them all. The whole month of December is so enjoyable for me no matter what. Whether I am stuck in Christmas traffic or waiting in line to get my boyfriend the new video game he wants I love it all. The trees and all the beautiful lights that are draped across the city make everything so lovely and you just can’t help but smile with glee.


I am so excited for this Christmas because it is the first Christmas that Lee and I get to decorate and when I say Lee and I, its just me. He isn’t the biggest fan of the decorating process but most guys aren’t I guess. I am super excited though and Friday was the day I actually got my tree and my mom helped me put it up and decorate it which is probably why it looks as great as it does haha she always adds that special touch that makes everything look so much better than it was before.


The tree is by far my favorite part! I enjoyed the struggle of finding the perfect ornaments that I have displayed all over our Christmas tree and finding the coolest lights. Growing up my grandparents always had those old fashioned Christmas lights all around their porch and I was so happy when I found the same style because who wants the typical tiny lights that go around the Christmas tree when you can these bad boys. an you tell I am obsessed with the lights? I even searched for ornaments that would interest Lee, such as the Abraham Lincoln ornament and the ‘L’ shaped ornament that we now call our Alan Wrench ornament since it looks more like that than an ‘L’. Which is still okay because Lee’s middle name is Alan so it works! We also have the first ornament that we actual bought together which is the vintage looking globe.


I could stop at just the tree so I continued to add Christmas touches to the rest of the house. I have Christmas lights strung through the living room and mistletoe hung in the archway and of course our stockings which I can’t wait to fill with all the little things I got him for his stocking. I even got some pom pom garland that I plan on hanging Christmas cards on with little clothes pins. Even though our dining table is shoved in the corner to make room for the tree I still decorated it a little so it wasn’t left out by putting baubles in the cake stand and tiny green tree confetti around the table to add festiveness. Never to much festiveness!

To me Christmas really is the most wonderful part of the year and I wish it didn’t pass by so quickly. The smell of pine in my house, the beautiful lights that glow with bright colors and the nonstop need to be drinking hot cocoa. The seasonal candles and the Holiday hustle and bustle in the shops around town and the gift giving all make this time of the year so amazing. Getting presents isn’t even my favorite thing about Christmas, its giving gifts to my loved ones and seeing their faces when they open their presents that I love so much.

I hope you all enjoyed seeing my decorations for this holiday season and if any of you want to know where I got anything feel free to message me! Have a lovely day and don’t forget to listen to your favorite Christmas music! Comment down below what your favorite Christmas song is too!




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