21st Birthday Celebration

Everyone knows that when it comes to your best friends birthday it is quite a big deal. To top that off it was also my best friends 21st birthday which makes it out to be an even bigger celebration. My best friend, Esther, and I not only look a lot a like but our birthdays are only 20 days apart. I, myself just turned 21 on November 1st and her birthday is November 21st. Since I live on my own I decided to go all out and plan a birthday to remember for her and began to decorate.Obviously I could have done a lot more but in my smaller apartment it would be hard to shove in a bunch of people and throw a surprise party, especially since my boyfriend is trying to get some sleep in the next room. A small party for two seemed perfect though. I went to my local Paper Source and started the decoration process with a banner to write ‘Happy 21st Birthday Esther’ on and purchased some clear balloons to fill with confetti to go with my theme. I went with a black, gold, green, and white theme with touches of that trendy light brown paper bag color to give it a more classy look. I have been searching on Pinterest for weeks now and I love what I have pieced together. My only problem is, I was not entirely sure how I wanted to display the balloons. I could either pin them to the walls and ceiling or I could have them filled with helium and just let them float around or blow them up myself and have them just lie around the floor. I kind of just ended up mixing it up a little and got some variety balloons along with the clear ones and had them placed all over the apartment.



Since it is her 21st birthday and she does enjoy her fancy cocktails I couldn’t let this be a dry party. I prepared her favorite drink, Mint Mojito, and displayed all the contents nicely on this gorgeous iron hammered tray that I bought from World Market.



Honestly, I am not the biggest drinker so purchasing Bacardi White Rum was a little weird for me haha I like my virgin mojitos way more than the real thing!



If I could afford it I would have gone way more over the top on the decorating and gotten those giant number balloons that say ’21’ and more bunting and probably a bigger bar set up just for fun. I do love all the decorating though and I was so excited for her to see everything I put together for her special birthday celebration. I can’t wait till she’s turning 22 now! To be honest I’m even more excited to put up all my Christmas decorations. If it weren’t for planning her little birthday bash I would have already had them up haha I’m getting my Christmas tree on Friday so it will be a quick transition from birthday to Holiday.


I hope you all enjoyed seeing how I celebrated my best friends birthday and that you think of your best friend on their special day as well. Have a lovely day!


contact: Simplyashleys.blog@gmail.com



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