October & November Favorites

I know this is a little late guys but I’ve hit quite a rough patch in family life over the past week and I haven’t been able to concentrate enough on anything to make a perfect post that I will want on my blog. I can’t let my October Favorites go unnoticed though and I figured since its already over half way through November that I would add in my favorites from this month as well.

Usually these favorite posts consist mainly of makeup but this one is just a broad variety of items including an actual Holiday haha

Lets start off with how amazing Halloween is! Halloween and Christmas are my all time favorite holidays which is probably why I am obsessed with this time of the year. I will admit that I have had better Halloweens in the past but I still love it which is why I think it deserved to be apart of my favorites. There is also the fact that the day after Halloween is my birthday. I turned 21 this year and I have to admit, not a fan of the alcoholic beverages haha I know, kind of a weird thing for a fresh 21 year old to say.

Next is the makeup part of this. I have found a beautiful new purple-red lipstick from M.A.C called Sin. It is absolutely gorgeous and you guys know how much I love my matte lipsticks and M.A.C never disappoints. Especially for this time of the year where you start to see more reds, oranges, and purples all around and the darker lipsticks rise to the top of your lipstick pile. Gold is also another great color for this time of the year which I why I invested into a new eyeshadow. I had never tried Makeup Forever eyeshadows but I must admit they go on so easily and just a tiny bit goes a long way, even though I still like to pile it on. Also what I love about their eyeshadow collection is that when you purchase them you can pick the container it goes in so you can get a single, double, or triple eyeshadow pallet. After finding this out I went ahead and got a second one in a beautiful emerald green and when you put it on you can put it on really light and it looks almost like a charcoal grey or you can put it on thicker and make the emerald really pop out of the eyeshadow color.


Speaking of green and gold colors I found this DIY on Pinterest on how to make your own paintings. At first I made the black and gold and a red and gold painting but recently I have decided to change the theme in my decorating from red to green. I don’t have much to say about this item on my favorites list besides I love that I changed the color to green a few weeks ago haha I like these paintings better than most of the ones I see in stores.


This next favorite I will admit I bought in October which may be a little bit too early but Lee and I saw it at World Market and I had to get it. Although we have been together for over four years, this will be the first Christmas we will have our own tree since last year we moved into our apartment right before Christmas and didn’t have time to decorate. This is our very first ornament we bought together and I love it. We both have plans to travel around the world and we both like the looks of old maps.


These last two favorites fall under the TV show category but both are hilarious. The first one is the show 2 Broke Girls! If you haven’t seen it then you should watch it. It is so freaking funny and it makes me want to own a cupcake window. Those two girls go through life dealing with so much struggle but still manage to make life a blast. The second show is a classic series that almost every single girl has seen. I just finished re-watching the entire Gilmore Girls series and I can not wait till November 25th when they start the revival! I find that show to be so relatable because my entire life it has just been my mom and I and we are just as good of friends as Loralie and Rory.

Again I am so sorry for a being a stranger to the blogging world but times have just been a little hard lately and I know that if I made a post I wouldn’t be putting my all into it. I hope you all understand and can forgive my absence. I love all my readers and I hope to gain more and more every day. Thank you so much for reading my favorites post for October and November and have a lovely Thanksgiving this week if you celebrate it. I’ll see you all next week .♥



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