“The Light of Paris”

For me reading has always been a struggle, but I am beginning to love it more and more and I have begun to get more into fiction and mysteries rather than biographies. Let me just say that this book was a hit for me as a beginner fiction reader. The slight but not over powering detail and the fact that the writer set the time period was perfect for my imagination to run loose. It was based in 1924 and 1999 which might not make sense now but keep reading and you’ll understand.
In the beginning the story takes place in Chicago in the year 1999 with a woman named Madeline who is in a dying marriage that was doomed from the beginning and she decided to go to Magnolia, a town where she grew up, and visit her mom. Madeline has a great love of art and dreams of painting from sunrise to sunset and visiting her old home with all her old paintings begins to fall madly in love with art once again. Madeline’s mom has decided to move to a smaller condo so the both of them begin to go through all of their possessions in the home when suddenly Madeline finds a stack of old journals from 1924. The journals were written by her grandmother who once took a trip to Paris that did not quite go as planned.

Eleanor Brown writes a beautiful story with love, family, and adventure and manages to tell two stores in one book and manage to tie them together perfectly without any confusion as to who is who. I love how realistic the store is and you feel as though the characters are real people out there that actually did such things and this is their biography. I would love to know what happens next for Madeline and who knows, maybe one day her story will continue.


Whenever I do book review posts I really feel like I need to thank the author for allowing me to spend my days fantasizing about whatever they wrote and this time I am proud to thank Eleanor Brown for allowing me to imagine my own time being spent in Paris. This book was truly inspiring for someone that wants to travel to Europe one day and this book makes me want to book a flight right this moment. For those of you who will choose to read this book as well please comment down below on what you think and whether you enjoyed reading it.

Happy Halloween every one!



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