That Autumnal Feeling

I am loving this colder weather and the grey skies that are casting over my town. The leaves are changing color and floating to the ground covering the sidewalks we walk on. To me this weather means only one thing, time for the decorations to hop out of storage and fill my home. This year was the first time I was going to decorate my own place with my boyfriend and it was so exciting to go shopping for decorations, pick out a wreath for the door, and try to do my best to decorate the way my mom does with elegance and class.



The one thing I am very upset about is I have not been able to find Cinderella pumpkins which are those perfectly shaped orange pumpkins that have somewhat of a foggy look to them. I still have a month of searching to do so hopefully one will show up eventually haha. Having freedom to decorate the way you want it so hard though because theirs several different styles I like but I haven’t figured out how to incorporate them all together quite yet.


Everything about this time of the year is just amazing. The rain is just so calming and the thunder puts me to sleep like a baby and a lullaby. If I could live in year round rain besides maybe 2 months of sun, I would be so happy with life. This is why I would love to live in the UK for at least a few months in my life. Curling up in cozy blankets and sitting by a fire are also a few of my favorite things about this time of year. I am even purchasing one of those mermaid fin blankets that I keep seeing on Pinterest and I cannot wait to just spend days lying around in it. I think I want the grey or purple one but I’m not sure yet. Any suggestions?

I am also a huge fan of Halloween and each year I look forward to looking for a costume for work. I don’t think I can ever top last year though because my best friend and I were Thing 1 and Thing 2 and we even wore the black lipstick to look like the cartoon characters and since we can’t wear wigs at work we wore bright teal beanies that matched the hair color. This year I don’t know what I will do but it all depends on if I’ll be working that day. Lets not forget everyone’s favorite part of Halloween though, the infamous amounts of candy! If I could I would still go trick-or-treating if it wasn’t considered weird for a 20 year old…


Since I don’t have a lot of storage space at my apartment I decided to use mainly some of my moms decorations that she doesn’t want to use and went from there. I did buy myself a decorative Autumn wreath that I absolutely love because of the copper pine cones. I, of course had to go a little crazy on the candle stock up because Leaves is my favorite candle at the moment so I have that burning all the time to fill the house with that warm and cozy feeling but I also went and bought one of those cinnamon brooms that you just stick in a vase or somewhere in your house and fills the air with cinnamon. I would usually hate the cinnamon scented pine cones because of how strong they are but the one I got was subtle but noticeable which is perfect for my constantly dry nose during the change of seasons…allergies are the worst.

Matter of fact yesterday was the first day it really felt like fall. It began to rain and shockingly large chunks of hail began to come pouring down. I even went and sat on my porch to soak up the true sound and scent of the first real rain. I love that clean air smell! It’s refreshing when you live 20 miles from a large city that consists of pollution galore.


This time of the year in general just makes me so happy! There isn’t any other time of the year that I love more. I’m sure there are plenty of you out there that share the same love for Autumn as I do and I am also sure there are a few of you out there that think I am crazy for not wanting 24 hour sunshine. To be honest I don’t really know what this post is because I basically just rambled on and on about my love of this time of the year but sometimes its good to just talk about what you love. It makes me happier talking about things I love and I could go on for longer but ill just stick with what I have for now. I’m sure you’ve heard enough of me for this week. As always thank you so much for reading and I really appreciate you all. Have cozy week!



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