August Favorites

I cannot believe that it is already September! Where has the time gone this year? This month I have been seeing a lot of people doing monthly favorites and I have decided to join the group. I am not sure if I will be making a monthly favorites blog post every month but we shall see. I thought it would be mostly fun since the seasons are changing and I am one of those people that go Fall crazy and starts getting excited about rain, thunder, Halloween, Christmas, you name it and if it’s fall related I’m for it.

Now since I am a typical girl, lets start out with makeup. This month I have been loving Clinique’s Bottom Lash Mascara. I have never seen a mascara like this before and I had to try it. It perfectly spaces out each lash and makes them look so long and luxurious that I don’t even recognize my own lashes. Next, is my top lash mascara that I also started using a lot more this month and that would be Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara. Up until a few weeks ago I had been going back and forth with which mascara I wanted to use but this one was the winner. Same as the bottom lash mascara, it spaces each lash out very nicely and doesn’t flake off or clump together like most mascaras.

Moving onto lips, I am sure you all know by now but my all time favorite lipstick right now is Persistence by M.A.C and let me just tell you that I cannot stop wearing it. It goes with so many different looks and it is the most perfect matte lipstick that I have found. Super easy to apply and stays on for a long time  even after eating. Since we are getting further into Fall I will be reaching for this and my darker berry tones a lot I feel like.

To be honest I really don’t know much about makeup, I guess on how I use my brushes…..I’m pretty sure I use all my eyeshadow brushes the wrong way but whatever. Getting to the point however, I did not know about setting powders so I recently purchased a Tarte setting powder and it feels amazing on my face, I doubt I’m using the right brush for that either. It makes my face feel instantly smooth and gives it that soft focus glow and basically hides blemishes without using foundation or concealer every where. Another Tarte product that I have actually been loving for months now is the Tarte H2O moisturizer. I have never used such a light moisturizer that didn’t leave any trace of grease, even my fingers don’t get greasy after rubbing it on my face. personally I like to use this one during the day because it is light and it doesn’t build up shine on your face throughout the day and id rather wear my heavier moisturizer at night.

Moving away from makeup items I have quite a few random items and some of them may even involve the upcoming season and holidays. My first random is something everyone uses everyday, all the time, H2O. I know you’re probably thinking “is she really about to talk about how water is in her favorites?” The answer is YES! But not just any water, FRED Water. It is the cutest water bottle I have ever seen and ill be honest, the water is just water nothing special but the water bottle it comes in is just the best. It’s flat and fits so easily in my purse I just love it.

Some people play soccer, some play an instrument, well I bowled. That’s right, I said it for the entire internet to know, I was on a bowling team. I have recently gotten my boyfriend into it and it is just amazing. When I was on a team it was probably about 8 years ago but I loved it. When ever we are bored we have been going to the bowling alley just to have fun and make fun of each others terrible throws and get angry at whoever is winning but it’s all in good fun. He is even debating on getting his own ball which I find quite exciting.


I think my number one favorite thing that is going into this post is in fact a candle. I have literally gone bonkers over the Leaves candle from Bath & Body Works. I went so crazy that I bought 5 of these candles in different sizes because I had to make sure I had enough to last a while. If you have the ability to go to Bath & Body Works then please just go in to sniff this candle. I don’t know any other way to describe it other than it smells like everything good about Autumn.

Another Autumn favorite are these delicious tangerine sour candies that look like little pumpkins that my mom and I get every year around Halloween from William Sonoma. We have evn tried other candies that sound similar but they are never as good. These little sour gummies are so addicting and it literally makes me sad when they stop selling them each year.


Last but definitely not least on the favorites list is actually a book series that I am in the process of reading which is C. M. Allen’s book series with Black Spade Security. They are fantastic action, adventure, and romance stories that really capture the readers attention and you feel as if you are actually watching these things happen even though you are just reading from the book. C. M. Allen is actually a close friend of mine and I am one of the people she has read through the book for errors before she posts it live online. If  you would like to check out more of her books look on amazon kindle and I will leave a link below to her twitter page for updates.

Well I hope you all enjoyed my August Favorites, it was a bit long I feel like so next time I might shorten it a little. After writing this post it makes me really want to try making YouTube videos because I love watching peoples monthly favorites and what they think about products. Have a lovely week and comment down below or like this post and if you have tried any of these items, let me know what you think of them!


Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara

M. A. C. Persistence

Tarte Finishing Powder

Tarte H2O Moisturizer

Leaves Candle

C. M. Allen




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