Vegas Ready

Going out for a night on the town means a little extra makeup is needed in your daily routine. I will be demonstrating my version for a night life makeup look this week for Let’s get started!

This will be very similar to my My Daily Makeup Look that I posted a few weeks ago with just a few minor tweaks to mainly the eyeshadow. I also enjoy this look because you could use a variety of lipsticks from my Lipstick Haul or of course from your own collection, there are a lot of different colors that could work.

Starting off with primer, I like to use the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer because it is very moisturizing and it goes on light. Next is the foundation, which I try not to use because I am the worst with face makeup since I constantly rub my face because of an itch and then I just waste the makeup and get it all over the shoulder of the shirt I am wearing, but when I do I use the Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation, with my handy Tarte double sided foundation brush, because it has good coverage and it really is very light weight. For my skin tone I use the color Light #4 for my foundation and for my concealer I go a shade lighter to give myself that extra bright and awake look. Nars Concealer is my all time favorite concealer because it stays on all day and just a tiny bit really goes a long way and I wear the shade Light 2 Vanilla. I have no idea what they are called really but I love using those blending sponges for my concealer because the point on the sponge really gets in the crease of your eye.


Now that we are done covering all noticeable blemishes and spot I move onto eyeshadow primer. I like to put M.A.C. Soft Ochre eyeshadow primer on and then move onto eyebrows so the primer sits for a moment and it seems to work great at holding onto my eyeshadow. Eyebrows are my most essential makeup item because without them I would look like a mess. I have tried several different eyebrow fillers but the one that I have loved the most is M.A.C. Deep Dark Brunette Fluidline Brow Gel Crème using my M.A.C 208 eyebrow brush.


Back to the eyes! I am going to start off with a beautiful pigment from M.A.C that is in the shade Blue Brown. The way I like to put this on is by taking my Sephora 61 brush and dabbing it in the pigment pot just a little and then spraying the brush with a little water, the water helps the pigment stick together instead of falling all over your face and ruining the rest of your makeup. After spraying your brush, lightly dab the pigment onto your eyelid starting in the inner corner and patting outwards over your whole eyelid. This can be put on heavily or you can make it a bit more subtle by just putting a little on and blending out, but HEY you might be in Vegas! Pile it on and make your eyes vibrant! I then take M.A.C Dark Brew matte eyeshadow and start at the outer corner of my eye and filling in the crease on my eyelid with Bobbi Brown’s Eye Smudge brush and also using Sephora’s 24 brush to pop a little bit of color below my lower lash line to give it a Smokey effect. Once I have all the eyeshadow I want on, I then take my Sephora Airbrush Crease brush and blend from my crease up so I don’t have a straight line on eyeshadow across my eyelid. The eyes may look a bit scary and bold at the moment but I promise the mascara pulls it all together. I like to use Clinique’s Bottom Lash mascara and then Smashbox Full Exposure mascara for the top eyelashes. After that I then take my Benefit High Brow stick and make a line under my eyebrow starting at the middle and fading to the end of each eyebrow. I then just use my finger to blend it out to give my eyebrows a little extra umph.


Working my way to my cheeks, I now need to add some color to my face. Using Bare Minerals Angled Face brush I put on a smile and begin adding my Laura Mercier Ritual Bronzer under my cheek bones. I then use the same brush to add a little bit of cheeky highlight to the top of my cheek bones with Tarte’s Skin Twinkle palette using the color Sunlight. Instead of leaving a straight line of shimmer, I use Sephora’s Air Brush Powder brush to blend my bronzer and highlighter together a little. Then to finish off my face I use my Tarte Operator Powder as a setting powder to give my skin a smoother look to it with a Bobbi Brown Powder brush.

Last but most certainly not least is the Pièce De Résistance! Lipstick is very vital in this look. You can choose from tons of colors but it is necessary to finish the look completely. Personally I have chosen the color Persistence by M.A.C because it is my all time favorite lipstick color and it doesn’t distract people from looking at the beautiful eye makeup. If I did want to wear a more vibrant lipstick color I would choose M.A.C’s Russian Red because it would compliment the red tint in the eyeshadow.


Just as a little extra for this look, even though it is not face makeup I would recommend using some nail polish as well such as Sephora’s Umph. It is a beautiful and sophisticated dark charcoal color with a little shimmer.

Can you imagine how perfect you would look sitting at the bar in the Encore at Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas? Extraordinary! Who knows, maybe Paul Blart will be wondering around acting like security still. If you plan on taking this look to Vegas with you check out for hotel and flight options. I will leave a link for the packaged deals right here as well if you are interested.

Have a wonderful day readers and I really hope you enjoyed this night time version of my makeup look and I would love to know if you guys have tried it or if you have any hints and tips for me as well. Thank you so much for reading and I will talk to you all soon! Have a lovely day everyone.




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