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I wish I was but lets be honest here haha. Today I am going to tell you guys some of my hair tips that I use on a day to day basis that works for my hair type to the extent that I like. To be honest I am pretty lazy with my hair and since the ends dry out I can’t do too much to it such as curling or straightening.

My hair little breaks at the tiniest heat wave even after the day I get it trimmed but on the bright side I don’t get too greasy of hair until about the 3 day of not washing. I make it a rule to not wash my hair every single day because the chemicals in shampoo and conditioner are not good for anyone’s hair to begin with but they just make my hair much more dry.

To start out I would like to tell you about the shampoo that I am using right now that is leaving my hair squeaky clean and greaseless after every wash. OGX Weightless Hydration Coconut Water Shampoo has been the only shampoo that I can use for a long period of time and not have any issues. I used to have to switch my shampoo and conditioner about every 3 months because it would work at first but then start make my hair frizz after a while. I have been using the Coconut Water shampoo for almost a year and my hair has never been better. I even dye the ends of my hair blonde 2 times this past year and it still has a nice shine to it. I still have my split ends but at least I found a shampoo too tame them down a little.


I am sure you can all guess what my conditioner is…….the OGX Weightless Hydration Coconut Water Conditioner. Just like the shampoo it does not disappoint. This conditioner leaves my hair silky smooth when applied evenly throughout my hair and allowed about 3 minutes to sit in my hair and then rinsed thoroughly. I also very wavy hair and ever since I switched to this line of shampoo and conditioner, my waves have looked a tad bit more beachy instead of just crazy and all over the place.


Moving on to after shower hair products. Now both of the next two products I only use right after I wash my hair and while it is still damp. The first product is the OGX Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco. My hairstylist actually recommended it to me because knew how dry my hair can get and after dying it she was afraid it would get worse to she told me to try this out after washing. This bottle alone I have had for about a year and I have barely used a third of it. Since my hair is on the thinner side I only use a drop to rub into the blonde portion of my hair. If you use too much and put it near your roots it will cause your hair to become greasy which will make you want to rewash sooner when you should only wash every other day.


The final hair product that I will be talking about today is the spray that keeps me from ripping my hair out, literally. I am one of those people that have zero patients when it comes to combing my hair so anything to make that process go by quicker and smoother I will try. The Not Your Mother’s Knotty to Nice Conditioning Detangler spray is my go to in this situation. This stuff really works and all I do is spray a little bit throughout my hair after I put the argan oil in and then comb through it till it is silky smooth which only takes about 30 seconds to accomplish when using Knotty to Nice.


So if any of you have a hard time finding good hair products then try these ones. They are cheap products and I highly recommend trying them. All of them can probably be found at your local drug store and I know you can buy all of the OGX products at Target. Both of these brands sell several other hair products that you can check out as well and the OGX shampoos and conditioners have several different types to choose from for different hair types. I hope some of you found this blog helpful and that you come back for more Ash’s to Ash’s every Sunday afternoon. Have lovely day and I will see you all next week!


OGX Coconut Water Shampoo

OGX Coconut Water Conditioner

OGX Argan Oil of Morocco


5 thoughts on “Hair Product Haul”

      1. No problem…I’ve tried them all except for the coconut one that you use and the teal bottled ones are my favorite. I’ll try coconut next! 😁


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