Lipstick Haul

After enjoying last weeks post so much I decided to keep the trend going. This week I will be doing a little haul / review of some of my favorite lipsticks. The two brands that I will be talking about is M.A.C and I have one gorgeous shade of red from Bobbi Brown that everyone needs to know about if you like rocking a red lip now and then. Once again this post is not sponsored by either companies even though I would kill to work with M.A.C, I haven’t quite gotten that far haha.

I’m just going to jump right into this one and start off with Bobbi Browns Creamy Matte Lip Colour Red Carpet. It is absolutely gorgeous and it was the first lipstick I ever bought and even though I am very partial to my M.A.C lipsticks I have to say that this is still a favorite (hint* maybe I will write a monthly favorites blog?) because of how long it lasts and how perfect the shade of red is. The one thing I do not like about it is the shape of the actually lipstick because it is just round and it doesn’t have that point like most lipsticks do and I like when it has a point because it is easier to use on the upper lip.


For all lipsticks I always use M.A.C’s Prep + Prime lipstick just so my lips don’t dry out and it makes it so much easier to put matte shades on. In all honesty I don’t see how it helps keep lipstick on longer like a normal primer would but M.A.C lipsticks hold up pretty well on their own, especially their matte lipsticks.

Lets get on with the M.A.C lipsticks shall we? I’m going to put them in order of color starting with a dark berry tone. Dark Side is very dark berry lip color that is more on the creamy side. It is one of my personal favorites and i love wearing this mainly on a night out or sometimes if I give a little extra effort for work. It looks great on all skin tones and really makes the lips pop if you have fare skin.


Diva! Says it all in the name. Once again it is close to the Dark Side color but a bit more reddish pink once you put it on. It is also a matte lipstick so it can last almost all day long without even bleeding which I love about matte lipsticks because lip liner is a major hassel for me.


Russian Red, my all time favorite lipstick ever. If I had to pick one lipsticko use for the rest of my life it would probably be this one. Everytime I wear it people are always asking what lipstick it is and I have given it as a gift to some close friends and they all love it. It is a matte lipstick that I will wear for any occasion because I love having an excuse to wear it. If I ever found out that it was being discontinued I would probably buy 10 of them in hopes that it would last me for as long as I live. Thats another thing that I love about M.A.C lipsticks and thats that they last for a really long time. This one i have had for about a year I would say, possibly longer and its still going strong and I wear it pretty often. Also even  when the lipstick gets down to the nub, a girl at the M.A.C counter told me that if you get a lipstick brush you still have quite a bit of lipstick still left in the tube its just further down past the plastic.


Chili looks how it sounds almost. It is a spicy red shade with a bit of a burnt orange tint. This is also a matte lip color but not one that I can wear too often because I kind of tire of it but sometimes it is just the perfect shade for the outfit you are wearing or the makeup look you are going for. Regardless it is still a very pretty shade.


Vegas Volt is a very bright orangeish pink that I can only wear on truly confident days. Even when I do wear it it is still a little too bright for me so I tend to mix it with the shade myth to tone it down. Ill talk about myth later on. It is very creamy but it hold surprisingly well.


The next one definitely has the perfect amefor the color, All Fired Up. It is one of the brightest dark pink shades I have seen and it looks perfect with its matte texture. Another color for a confident day where you have your makeup in all the right places.


This color is very pretty as well and it much more suttle but I will admit, I mainly bought it because of the name. Creme Cup! It made me think of cupcakes for some reason haha This one is a creamy pink that is very light and you could actually wear this with the tiniest bit of makeup instead of a full face.


Faux is another one that could be used on a light makeup day because it is a creamy pinkish nude that will go with practically anything and it is even one of my go to lipstick colors on those days where you want to wear lipstick but you aren’t too sure which one to choose.


Here comes the Myth. This is the shade I like to mix with other colors mainly Vegas Volt because it is too nude for me to wear by itself but it works perfectly for toning down a bright or dark shade. This is also one of M.A.C’s satin lipsticks which I find to be a nice texture because it isn’t creamy and it isn’t dry like a matte.


Last but definitely not least is one of my new favorites, Persistence. I absolutely love this color! It is definitely one of my top shades because it is matte and you can wear it anytime you want and it also gives you a more clean look I believe. Its almost like that perfect touch after putting on your makeup. It is a lovely shade of a light brown with the slightest bit of pink to calm down the brown.


I hope you enjoyed this weeks post and I hope some of you end up going out a purchasing some of these lovely colors because I would recommend any of them. If you never wear lipstick then I challenge you to try one this week. If you do let me know and I would love to know what shade of lipstick you tried out. Thank you for reading and I will see you next week! Byeeeee.


Link to the M.A.C Lipstick site:

M.A.C. Lipsticks



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