Why the Bichon Frise?

I will tell you you why! If you are a dog lover then this post will be right up your alley! I am happy to say that my best friend is a four legged wanna be human named Nikki. Without her I don’t know what my life would be like because when I think about it, she has brought so much joy

into my life that I can’t even imagine how I would be without her. There is just that certain something about a dog that loves you unconditionally and always greets you at the door with more love and kisses than you could ever imagine. Sometimes I like to test how much she loves me by leaving to take out the garbage and then seeing if she still gets excited when I come back…..she never fails to show affection. If you love dogs but have never had one of your own then you are certainly missing out. Getting to know your puppy and watch it grow up to be an adult is one of life’s many joys. My little one has gained so much character throughout her life that it is unbelievable, in my entire life I have never come across a dog with so much attitude and character as my little one. She has so many human like attributes that I sometimes forget that she is a dog because I will find myself having full on conversations with her and expect a reply but sometimes the looks she gives me means more than words.

My little Nikki is now 10 years of age and she is still bouncing around like a new born puppy. Most people want a mellow dog that won’t want to run and play but where’s the fun in that? Everything about the Bichon Frise is just so much fun that how could you possibly want them to become mellow. When it comes to dogs I do my research for the most part because I want to know what to expect from the breed. Bichons are very healthy dogs as long as they are fed properly and paid attention to. Nikki is most certainly all about the attention. The only thing that I have across that is bad about the Bichon and that is that they ate prone to have allergies. Nikki has gotten them a few times in her life but never super bad, the worst it has been was this past Spring and she got it from always trying to climb under a bush to go potty. What I find interesting about that fact is that she is actually a hypo-allergenic dog but is very prone to allergies. Her breed doesn’t even shed, that’s how hypo-allergenic she is.


One of my favorite memories of my puppy was when she was probably around 2 years old maybe, I am not too sure but she was very little. Anyways, whenever it gets to be cooler outside we tend to take her with us if she won’t be alone for a long time in the car, and yes we of course crack the windows for her and make sure she has a toy or a treat and a blanket just in case she needs it. Well anyways it was a cold and rainy down outside and my mom and I had gotten Peppermint Mochas from Starbucks that day and one of us left our drink in the car. Barely any of is had been consumed and we ran into a store for only a few minutes only to return to the car will the lid chewed off of the Starbucks cup and only about an inch left of the drink in the cup. We both looked over at Nikki and her entire nose and mouth area was just straight up brown and her breath smelt minty fresh. We both knew who the Mocha thief was in an instant. Luckily it was not pure chocolate so it didn’t hurt her but we just couldn’t believe how quickly she pried that lid off and drank it all the way down until she could not longer push her nose any further into the cup. From then on she would always try and get her paws on any coffee cup or Starbucks cup that came into her sight.nikki4

I have so many fond memories of my little puppy that I could go on forever about how adorable and funny she is but I will keep this short. Basically if you are in the market for a small dog then you should take a look at the Bichon Frise, their a little more expensive especially when they are a pure breeds like Nikki but how could you possibly put a price on happiness. If you want a dog that will have no health problems, lives a long time, constantly stays happy, loves you unconditionally, is smarter than most dogs, and has a load of character then you will absolutely love having a Bichon Frise.





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