“Warlock Holmes”

As I said in my last book review I have been getting more and more into reading these days and I am always on the look out for a good book and trying to figure out what kind of books I would like to read. Mysteries are my new thing and there is nothing better than a good old fashion Sherlock Holmes mystery. This is an interesting take on the old detective and Warlock Holmes, by G.S. Denning, is certainly a twisted character and a bumbling detective in a good way. When I was browsing my local book store this beauty caught my eye as it sat up straight and narrow on the book shelf. The overall look of the book has a wonderfully intriguing appearance that makes you want to just pick it up right then and there. After reading the title I was hooked!

The way Denning’s told the story from Watson speaking was perfect for being able to describe the character Warlock Holmes because it flowed very well instead of it being told from the main character himself. Dr. John Watson’s character was very similar to the original Watson, but Denning’s version had a more funny and clever take on the character which I adored. I always thought Watson was underestimated in the original Sherlock Holmes, but he now has his own time to shine in the Warlock Holmes series. The new take on Holmes makes it absolutely hilarious and you can’t help but laugh out loud while you read through the mysteries of Holmes and Watson. I particularly enjoy how the book has different sections for each mystery and crime that they solve. Out of all the mysteries that they solve in this book I would say my favorite was The Case of the Cardboard…Case. I also enjoy the two other characters that come into play throughout the book and they are two interesting detectives at Scotland Yard named Vladislav Lestrade the nihilist vampire and Torg Grogsson the house-proud ogre. Without those two the book would have been lonely and I think those two extra characters really help make it such a great read.

To be honest I was really surprised with myself for reading this book because I am not the fastest reader and I rarely go for longer books but this one just dragged me right into the story and once I finish this review I am passing the book off to my mom because she can’t wait to see what its all about since she is a huge fan of the original Sherlock Holmes. The only downfall to this book is the wait once you are done reading it…….Warlock Holmes The Battle of Baskerville Hall doesn’t come out until May of 2017. I must say thank you very much for such a fantastic book to add to my collection G. S. Denning! I can’t wait to read the next and the next and the next.­




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