“Happy People Read & Drink Coffee”


As of December of 2015 I finally graduated from college leaving me with quite an amount of spare time on my hands to do whatever. Majority has been disolved by extra time at work but during my spare time I have been trying to read more. My usually book choice is a good biography of Dick Van Dyke, Lucille Ball, Barbara Eden, Alan Alda, etc. I am trying to venture from the life stories though and go for more of mystery and fiction books. For myself it is really hard to find books that I would like to spend my time reading but a certain one managed to catch my eye and it did not disappoint! Happy People Read and Drink Coffee by Agnès Martin-Lugand, it is an absolutely wonderful book and the second in a series. Unfortunately the first book I could only find written in French but in my opinion the book was easy to understand without having to read the first one. The book was absolutely filled with every emotion you could think of and it all played out beautifully. Bravo to Agnés!

Before I begin I would like to mention that I will not be giving away any specific details that will be considered a spoiler. Within this book you will becoming very attached to the main character and you will practically share her hardships and joys with her. Happy People Read and Drink Coffee is a wonderfully written book and a quick read might I add so if you are looking for a new topic to read I would recommend giving this book a shot for Fiction novels.

The story itself takes place in France and ventures into the evergreen land of Mulranny, Ireland. The description that is given about the places the main character lives is perfect in my opinion because you are given detail but not too much detail and just enough to give you an idea of what to imagine and also gives you a chance to imagine the scenery in your own unique way as well. The characters that are brought into the book as well are also a nice variety that gives it more of a real life scenario rather than a fairytale.

*Book reviews are hard without spoiling it :(*

The main characters are Diane, Felix, and Edward. Diane is a woman in her 30’s that owns a literary café, did not know that was a thing, in France and Felix is her best friend that runs the café by her side. The two of them have been through everything together and would do anything for the other. Edward comes in a bit later in the story but he is a quiet and secluded man that lives in Mulranny, Ireland that seems to be constantly at war with everyone else in the world, but when a new neighbor comes into his life everything changes and he begins to see the world as a beautiful place again.

Literally everything about this book was fantastic except for one tiny thing that does not even seem to matter and its the fact that the book that comes before Happy People Read & Drink Coffee is not translated to English so the whole book is written in French and I can’t find an English version for myself to read. Luckily there is nothing that is confusing in Happy People Read & Drink Coffee so I do not see a need to have read the first one anyways. The author does provides a short backstory within the first chapter and it is just enough information to understand more about the character that you probably would have found out in the previous book. This book was actually written very well and there were little to none errors within its pages. The cover was a real eye catcher and for a coffee junkie like myself, the title was very catchy as well.

IMG_0112How could you not want to have a snack and drink coffee while reading this book?

Congratulations Agnès Mart-Lugand, you have a committed reader right here! I absolutely cannot wait for the next book in the series to come out in 2017 called Don’t Worry, Life Is Easy.



5 thoughts on ““Happy People Read & Drink Coffee””

    1. Have you read happy people read and drink coffee? It’s such a good book. I highly highly highly recommend C.M. Allens books. They aren’t on hard copy yet just amazon Kindle I believe but check them out they are absolutely amazing.


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