Stress Relievers

Although I am only 20 years young, I have had quite a large amount of stress put on myself over my years. Everyone deals with stressors and anxiety, but caring for stress and anxiety is something a lot of people don’t do. Stress is just one of those things that come along with life and especially when you hit the work force. I, myself, have gone through some tough times where all I wanted to do was face the wall and slowly bump my head against it. It got really bad to where in January I suffered from my first anxiety attack. It was one of the most frightening things that has ever happened to me and it couldn’t have been at a worse time. It was 3 a.m. and I all of a sudden woke up with strange feeling in my stomach that was not bein relieved by anything and after a few minutes of laying in bed trying to figure out what was wrong it happened. I lost my breath and it felt as if an elephant was standing on my chest. My boyfriend, Lee, had already gone to work earlier that night and I was all alone, experiencing this horrifying moment for the first time. It seemed like the walls were closing in around me and I couldn’t escape no matter how much I tried, I even found myself pacing back and forth trying to calm down and it still wouldn’t stop. I tried curling back into bed but it started to feel worse, so I decided to go out to the living room hoping that leaving the room that this all started in would help relieve some of the pressure. Frantically, I texted my mom for comfort and being the wonderful mommy she is, she offered to come and get me even though she had to get up for work in an hour but I told her no because I knew I had already woken her up but sometimes all you need is to hear your mom tell you she loves you. I ended up falling asleep on the couch watching TV and when I woke up the next morning I wondered if it was just a dream but I realized that I had actually suffered from an anxiety attack.

I feel absolutely horrible for the people who struggle with anxiety attacks because even though I just experienced that one, it was more than enough for me. Ever since that incident I have been working on finding ways to relieve the stressful feelings and avoid another attack. Strangely though, ever since I had the anxiety attack I have noticed that large numbers cause some anxiety to boil inside me.

There are several different things that have helped me cope with this situation and I swear by them. For starters every night before I go to bed I drink a cup of hot Sleepy Time Tea. It is the absolute best and it puts me right to sleep without any side affects because it is an herbal tea. Getting more sleep at night has definitely helped me in some ways because I used to have the hardest time falling asleep without watching hours of TV before hand but now I try to stay active throughout the entire day so I don’t take any naps and I am capable of getting a healthy goodnight sleep. On top of the fact that the tea helps me sleep a lot better it also brings me joy when I use my Pug in a Mug tea diffuser. It is so cute and I can’t help but smile every time I take a sip.

My most favorite stress reliever is my Dammit Doll. Sounds strange I know but it is such a marvelous creation that I would love to just shake the creators hand and tell him or her that they saved me from a lot of rough days and poor night sleeps. The only place I have ever seen these is in a store in my town called Paper Source. It is one of those stores that has the most random but adorable nik-naks that no one really needs but everyone wants because of how brilliant some of the ideas are.

A stress reliever that is caused by my personal work life is by removing yourself from a problem. *WARNING!!!! RAMBLE SESSION* I work extremely hard at my job and I had been training for over a year to become a manager or even an assistant that actually gets the pay. I rarely goofed up and when I did I would admit to it and try to right my wrong. I finally had my shot to step up as manager and my three store managers beat me down (verbally) to a pulp. Telling me I wasn’t good enough to step up and that I had way to much to learn but yet they were asking me to train one of them in my job because they were not capable of doing the job on their own…….literally makes zero sense. I tried to help her for about two weeks and got fed up because every time I would go to train her in something she would blow me off and everyday when I would go into work she would instantly tell me something that I apparently did wrong. So I decided to solve my problems by handing her the reins and telling her I no longer wished to do the orders which is what she would always complain about. She took that as I no longer wanted to do ANY manager duties so she quit allowing me to be in charge but looking back I could actually thank her for being so horrible because I have now decided a new career choice to become a meat department clerk and work my way up to being a butcher. Once I start on that job and I get out of my current department then all my stress will just instantly disappear. I will no longer be working under a horrible boss and I will be ridding myself of the department that grinded me to curb. An awful beginning to a wonderful ending. You should be happy that was a short ramble session because I feel like I could go on for days about how things have been in my work life but I shall spare you the gory details….for now.




7 thoughts on “Stress Relievers”

  1. Yes, I love drinking hot chocolate or peppermint tea before bed because it really seems to wind me down. I also listen to slow and sleepy Adele and Gossling songs. The last thing I do is read and if there is a movie of the book that I’m reading, I listen to that with it’s volume VERY low.


  2. P.S. Lovely post! Thank you for sharing. I know someone that gets ‘panic attacks’ and she says that she imagines the tightness in her body and it starts to disappear. Hope that helps.

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