Everything Cupcake

I have this obsession with cupcakes that I can not even begin to explain. I just love the idea of eating things that are in cupcake form because its so adorable and simple. Plus, there are several things that can be made into cupcakes besides the traditional cupcake. I am constantly rummaging through my cook books and finding recipes that I can make with my cupcake pan. That pan has definitely been all over the place and to think it was only meant for one purpose. It’s a shame when people don’t use an item to its full extent……tsk tsk. There will dozens of recipes that you will be finding on my blog and I can guarantee you that a majority will be made in a cupcake form but that’s okay! The way I look at it is whatever you make in them could end up being a main course meal, dessert, or an appetizer. The possibilities are endless and trust me, I could go think about cupcakes for days and never run out of ideas.

One day I even hope to own my own cupcake shop or at least start a business outside of my home. I have this picture in my head of having this adorable and tiny cupcake shop in a classy and very well put together shopping center where there is a lot of foot traffic and basically run a hole in the wall cupcake shop where the majority of business is from large orders that people place for their special occasions. That’s the dream at least….hopefully one day it’ll happen for me. I also dream about owning a charcoal with a black top mini cooper with checkered flags on the back of the side mirrors sooooo yeah, we’ll see what happens first. I try to make it a challenge for myself and try at least 2 new recipes a month whether it’s cupcakes, brownies, cookies, or just regular meals that are non desserts. So far I’ve been good but sometimes I get in a rutt with work and trying to maintain what social life I have left, which includes spending time with my mom and my adorable puppy nikki, and my boyfriend. These are also my main taste testers. I have even ventured into making dog treats so my puppy can join in on the fun as well. I plan to do recipe weeks where I post my little creations and step by step instructions and images to help you recreate them.




1 thought on “Everything Cupcake”

  1. Yummmm!
    That cupcake looks AMAZING!!!
    I really think you will run a cupcake shop because that cupcake looks perfect.


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