First Blog

It’s true……this is my very first blog and I certainly hope that I am not the only one reading it. If you haven’t already seen my About page then head on over for a sneak peek as to who’s life you are about to get into. I have to admit I do not, I repeat do not, live a very exciting life but who knows, maybe this will change things for me and help me open up to the world. I have recently decided that I need to do more in my free time and focus on the bigger picture and what I want from life. I haven’t exactly been living my life to the fullest for the past 20 years of my life if you know what I mean. Not saying I’m about to go jump out of a plane to make my life more exciting but maybe I will start going out more in my free time rather than sit on my couch and watch I Love Lucy and Hart to Hart for hours at a time and on occasion do the typical window shopping that I know can’t be good for my health OR my wallet. I wonder what I will write about or how I will attract readers or how I will make this into a bill paying career. No matter which way I go I know I will enjoy making this blog my internet home.



1 thought on “First Blog”

  1. Great post!
    I completely understand, my life isn’t terribly interesting either.
    Keep blogging!
    Over and Out


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